How Physiotherapy Can Help with Rotator Cuff Shoulder Pain

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There is a space between two bones of the shoulder that the rotator cuff tendons pass through.

Depending on your shoulder blade positioning while doing housework, working on the computer with a mouse, DIY or sport especially golf and tennis, there is a wider or more narrow space for the rotator cuff tendons to glide.

With age spurs can form on the acromion bone which is the one bone that forms part of this tunnel. If this occurs there is friction of the rotator cuff tendons which leads to degeneration and inflammation over time and therefore pain in the shoulder and/or upper arm. This is when shoulder blade positioning is so important to reduce the friction and therefore degeneration of the tendons.

This helps to prevent predisposition for a rotator cuff tear which involves a long recovery time and is worth trying to prevent. An important part of Physiotherapy treatment for rotator cuff impingement is to teach the correct shoulder blade positioning and exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles which keep the shoulder blade in the optimal position.

This will make it easier to implement when participating in sport that involves overhead arm movements as well as other repetitive movements like cleaning, sanding or painting.

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