About Amy the Physio Continued

… I have extensive experience in assisting patients like you with Physiotherapy services both to find pain relief but also to strategize for a long term solution with a realistic home programme of activity modification, stretches and exercises.

I love to build relationship with patients, providing empathy and a sanctuary of care.

A safe place where you can be yourself and express the emotions tied with the psychological stress and strain that so often manifests as physical pain.

I want you to leave feeling like more than just a number and really cared for on your journey of healing.

Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment or if you have any questions see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section or give us a call or send me an email and I will be happy to help. 


– Amy Stranack


My Physiotherapy Qualifications and Specialities 

Amy qualified at the University of Cape Town in 2007 with a bachelor of science in Physiotherapy degree and now has 15 years of experience in private practice.

She has been doing dry needling for over 12 years and specializes in the treatment of neuromuscular skeletal conditions (all conditions of nerves, muscles, joints and the spine).

She has vast experience in the treatment of overuse injuries sustained from a sudden, enthusiastic start to a new sport, hobby or activity, years of sitting at a computer, being a new mother or even a new grandparent!

She also specializes in the treatment of headaches originating from the muscles of the neck and jaw, low back and sciatic pain as well as rotator cuff and all other shoulder conditions and injuries.

Mission Statement 

To always do my best to provide high quality Physiotherapy and empower each patient with the knowledge and tools to maintain their pain management and quality of life.

I also strive to provide genuine care for each patient as a person who I am privileged to be able to help.

“Amy Stranack Physiotherapy was established in 2019 and moved to the current location at the beginning of 2023 which is conveniently located in the centre of Ballito, on ground floor level with plenty of parking right in front of the practice”

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