How to treat headaches without medication.

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How to treat headaches without medication

I have so many patients coming to me and finding relief after spending months or even years struggling with their headaches. Headaches can become chronic if you leave them for longer than 3 months and why live with something that effects your quality of life when Physiotherapy can really help!

You get three main types of headaches cluster, migraines and tension type headaches. But you can even have a medication overuse headache. Physiotherapists are first line practitioners and can therefore diagnose your headache and either give you effective treatment or guide you in the right direction to get relief. There is a lot of current research that confirms that neck spinal and jaw mobilisation, soft tissue and nerve mobilisation as well as dry needling can be very effective in relieving tension type headaches. These headaches are often mistaken for or mislabeled as migraines. Specific stretches and exercises will be given to relieve the tension in the muscles of the neck that are being used incorrectly or overused and to strengthen the muscles of the neck that are designed to stabilize the spine so that those muscles can work instead.

Lastly these are the three things you can do today that research has shown makes a significant difference to headaches.

1. Get enough good quality sleep!
2. Any form of regular exercise
3. Me time to fill those depleted reserves. Yes now you don’t have to feel guilty about prioritizing this vital time for yourself

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